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Fertilizer Dongchu: Are You Ready? – Fertilizer, fertilizer exports – the chemical industry

Article by hi joiney

Looking back, time has changed Strong Sales light reservoir, which is a long time according to China Fertilizer Products, production, supply and demand relationship and the obvious seasonal characteristics summed up Sell Famennian. December 2004 formally introduced the relevant state departments off-season commercial reserves of fertilizer policies to off-season fertilizer resources through the effective control and integration, focused on achieving short storage of the “reservoir” effect, in order to increase demand during the peak season, the products in a timely manner market, security of supply, stabilize prices and can maintain the factory, dealers benefit this community long-term collaborative relationship. But only 5 years to launch light storage system for slightly less than the demand situation has undergone a fundamental change, we pass some figures to outline the contours of this change. Only the most upstream chemical products Urea Example, according to national statistics: in 2004 total production of 41.815 million tons of urea, urea production in 2008 reached 56.496 million tons, up 35.1% in 2004 increased, but 1-7 in 2009, the cumulative output of 37.359 million tons of urea and strong growth is expected to meet or exceed the 2009 output to 60 million tons, the year increase of 43.5% in 2004. Such a rapid expansion of China’s urea industry, on the one hand the original in my Economy The overall development of rapid, on the other hand this is excess liquidity in the fertilizer industry, concentrated expression, the rapid investment in surge capacity created, today, in addition to K Addition, other varieties of fertilizer in China showed Xianchu serious oversupply. Exports, the feast has been completed, the system in the regulation of seasonal tariff, the fertilizer exports from 2007 all the way down. Also see urea, a peak in 2007 5.254 million tons exported in 2008 to 4.36 million tons, the first half of 2009, only 694,000 tons, more the amount of resources left in the country. Fertilizer prices are also down-channel, in March 2009, Shandong urea prices are 1,900 yuan / ton, early in June has dropped to 1,700 yuan / ton in July to enter Britain after the market repeated swing, but also down to 1,500 yuan / ton below low-end price, the price bottomed out in August, but finished lower on the short term then, the current has fallen to 1500 yuan / ton, seems to be beyond resurrection. Data speak, and in between these ups and downs of the figures, we can clearly determine the current market supply and demand, bear the brunt of urea, one after the production allows the domestic market becomes saturated, the supply-demand balance has been broken, in the reconstruction of the new relations of production, supply, equilibrium is not clear before, everything seems confusing, confusion permeate the hearts of agricultural resources, spill the … … Agricultural people confused “No off-season storage, season suffering” phrase agricultural proverb agricultural people associated with the growth of each generation, for all previous years, Wang Dan Chu individuals receiving benefits for agricultural materials, which also makes the concept of light for deep storage Wong people, but in this special year this year, this extreme subversion of common sense in the context of large and small agricultural people hesitated, confused, and confused. Yan Zi said: Orange Health Huainan was orange, trifoliate orange was born in Huaibei, metaphor environment changed, the nature of things will change. “Dan Chu,” The short season for the fertilizer market, the product of distinct, but also is experiencing rapid release of production capacity, market conditions against the chaos caused by imbalance between supply and demand chain leverage test. For the new “soil”, “Air”, the spring of next year’s fertilizer market can “branching” or transform into “trifoliate orange”, everything is unknown. Market spread confusion over the din: the majority of dealers are in are all waiting and watching, reckless action might pay a heavy price. But if the blind conformity, we do not move you do not move, wait until the really want to move to getting goods, then you may fall behind, I am afraid that everything can not get it! Shashi Hou getting goods, in the end take much, really too worry too contradictory person. The manufacturers also Rouchang 100 junction. Back in July, the figure has been salesman compound fertilizer manufacturer in the Northeast market activities. Running out the first half of competition, most manufacturers battered losses, such as Compound Leading enterprises in Shenzhen Alba field, in the first half of 2009 just released annual report, its sales revenue, total profit over the same period last year, down 38.63 percent respectively, with 139.35 percent, fertilizer companies can be difficult internal and external, difficult to describe. The so-called pre-emptive, in this emergency situation, many businesses need the injection of fresh blood, so most long-term goals on the Dong Chu, the desire to advance market share, capital return, while sales of spare fully open next spring preparation. Lenovo spring, the government’s macro-control policies will also play an important role. High-tariff policy continuity? With market liberalization, the state subsidy policies which may be adjusted? It also attracted the market have been bewildering suspense filed one after another. Come next spring when the fertilizer market in the spring can come together? Agricultural people confused, helpless, watching, waiting, uncertainty, doubt slowly together, turns to the burden of heart, but also hit the market spine.

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Am I Pregnant? – 3 Earliest Possible Signs of Pregnancy That Detect Pregnancy Before Missed Periods Comments Off

Am I Pregnant? – 3 Earliest Possible Signs of Pregnancy That Detect Pregnancy Before Missed Periods

Article by Tehmina Mazher

Are there any possible signs of pregnancy that can tell woman the answer to “Am I Pregnant” even before missed periods? YES there are! Some women are able to tell the answer of this question the moment the conception takes place, as these women have fair knowledge of earliest possible signs of pregnancy.

Following are three earliest possible signs of pregnancy. These signs enable any woman to identify her pregnancy even before her missed period.

Basal Body Temperature: Most women know that basal body temperature increases during ovulation. But only few know that if the temperature stays elevated after the ovulation is completed then this is one of the earliest possible symptoms of pregnancy. For monitoring basal body temperature one just requires a cheap basal thermometer to detect changes in temperature daily at the same time, preferably in the morning.

Enlarged and Tender Breasts: The hormonal levels start to rise very early in pregnancy. These hormonal levels show different signs and symptoms. Initially the body is not prepared for these hormonal changes. The most obvious change takes place in feeling and shape of breasts. There is a feeling of fullness in breasts few days after conception. This fullness feeling fades away fairly quickly when the body gets accustomed to new hormonal levels.

Fatigue: Lack of energy is another earliest possible sign of pregnancy. Sometimes it becomes difficult to differentiate between pregnancy fatigue and general exhaustion. Health professionals are of the view that fatigue is also related to new hormonal level. It disappears when the body adjusts itself to the increased hormonal level.

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5 Different Ways To Increase Fertility Comments Off

5 Different Ways To Increase Fertility

Article by Erich Hines

Would you like to know five various ways to improve fertility? If you’re trying in order to get expecting, these methods can certainly help increase your likelihood of getting pregnant a great deal sooner.

#1 — Eat Wholesome – Whenever you eat wholesome, you tend to be supplying your entire body with nutrients and vitamins. These nutrients and vitamins can market fertility.

#2 — Exercise — Exercise helps you to manage your pounds. Being overweight can impact fertility. Should you exercise, you may get to some normal weight that is helpful when you’re trying in order to conceive. Exercise may also reduce stress that is something else that may affect male fertility.

#3 — Don’t Smoke cigarettes – Smoking has already been bad with regard to your all around health. It is not good when you’re trying in order to conceive either as it can certainly lower male fertility in both women and men. Quit the actual habit with regard to your health insurance and fertility.

#4 — Watch That which you Drink – Have you got a walk every early morning? Do you’ve got a glass associated with wine along with your dinner every evening? There may be studies carried out that demonstrated that coffee and alcohol can impact fertility inside a negative method. So, if you’re trying to improve fertility in order to get expecting, you might want to avoid these types of beverages.

#5 Attempt Some Male fertility Herbs – There are lots of good herbs available that improve fertility for both women and men. Taking herbal treatments is one the very best ways to improve fertility simply because certain herbs can definitely improve reproductive health insurance and promote male fertility. It’s organic and efficient. You have to know that herbs or even supplements are great for fertility.

Now please give me two minutes of your time and check out the Personal Path to Pregnancy, and learn all about other exciting aspects to increasing fertility and greatly increase your chance of getting pregnant.

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Think You’re Too Old To Conceive? Here’s the Best Way to Conceive at Age 50 Comments Off

Think You’re Too Old To Conceive? Here’s the Best Way to Conceive at Age 50

Article by Reeda White

<Do you think you are too old to conceive?

If so, you can think again, and here I will share with you some of the best ways to conceive at age 50 or around that age.

If you have some type of medical condition preventing you from getting pregnant, then of course it will be difficult to conceive depending on the condition.

But let’s assume you’re at least some what healthy in that area, and even then It simply means that there is a higher risk of complications than in younger women and you would have to have special care and to proceed with caution before making such decisions.

Use Natural Remedies to Conceive

You may have heard about the use of drugs and surgeries that helps couples of all ages to conceive. Well a lot of these techniques can really be a danger to the woman AND the baby, so I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.The best way to take control of your fertility is by going natural all the way. Here’s several of the best ways to maximize your chances of conceiving at age 50, or any age..

Balancing your Hormones

First you need to balance your hormones to kick off a good start in getting back on track in that area, and herbal remedies are good for this and it will increase fertility dramatically.

There’s an herbal tea called FertilPlus, which often works wonders for infertile couples. The ingredients inside this tea is very effective when balancing hormones, or else you’ll be totally lost if your hormones are going in every direction leaving you hopeless because you can’t seem to ever get it right.

Another important key to conceiving is to exclusively increase your fruits and vegetables intake. Most people don’t realize how vital this is to have the right nutrients and vitamins in your diet.

Although some people conceive without increasing their intake of fruits and vegetables, for a lot of women who can’t seem to conceive, lack of these vital important nutrients can be one of the very reasons that’s keeping them from conceiving.

Super foods are the best source of nutrients. They contain a higher value than over the counter nutrients and vitamins. Spirulina is one of the world’s best whole super foods filled with nearly every mineral and vitamins you can think of. and the extra energy necessary for conception. Hey we can’t leave out a good full body cleanse, because believe it or not, majority of people doesn’t realize how damaging pollution can be to our bodies.

Older people’s body tends to be more polluted than younger people’s because they been living longer, and it has a negative effect on one’s ability to conceive or reproduce, unless you scrape it clean by detoxification.

Work on detoxifying your body so your organs can breath again, doing this very thing can dramatically increase your chances of conceiving, and finally hitting that home run.

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The Various Kinds of Fertility Help Available (1 Comment)

The Various Kinds of Fertility Help Available

Article by Beth Munoz

In China, there is such a population boom that families are only allowed to have one child. Such a concept seems strange to couples in the United States who are free to have as many children as they want. However, some of these couples have found it hard to conceive at all.

For couples who are desperately trying to conceive without any luck, there are various fertility help options available. The different kinds of fertility help are specific to the couple’s situation, as well as their financial situation.

The first place that a couple should go for fertility help is to each one’s primary care physician. There might be an underlying reason as to why you two are not naturally able to conceive. For example, a man will not know on his on if he has a low sperm count, so that will need to be tested. Also, a woman should be tested to find out her prime days for getting pregnant.

All women have certain days of each month in which they are the most fertile. This is the window of opportunity, so to speak. If, after the fertility days have been calculated and several rounds of trying naturally haven’t seemed to help, it is time to move on to the next step.

There might actually be an emotional issue that is preventing the couple from conceiving. When a woman is stressed, it usually throws her body chemistry off, and the result is sometimes missed periods. If the woman is hoping to have a child, it is thus very important that she take time to relax. Many women who have taken time out to relax (it’s a great excuse for a vacation!) have found themselves getting pregnant sooner.

Doctors offering fertility help usually do all that they can to get the couple to conceive naturally. When that fails, sometimes medicine or hormone shots will be administered to the couple to stimulate sperm and egg production. If that particular step doesn’t work, in-vitro fertilization is generally the next option.

In-vitro fertilization involves taking the man’s sperm and the woman’s egg, and then merging the two in a lab setting. The fertilized egg is then placed back in the uterus in the hope that it will take. Many couples seem to find success with this option, although it is still considered a controversial procedure. It is important to note that in-vitro fertilization is an expensive procedure as well, so it is extremely important to make sure you have the financial means.

If in-vitro fertilization is not something that works for you, the next step is thinking about getting a surrogate. A surrogate is a woman who will have your fertilized egg implanted into her uterus, and will thus carry the child for you. This is an option that couples sometimes hesitate about choosing, but it works out well if they get along with the surrogate. So, basically, if a couple is having trouble conceiving, they really shouldn’t immediately worry, because thanks to the wonders of technology, now there are lots of fertility options.

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